Top 10 Information to be included in a business Invoice

Output Time Business Invoice

An important commercial document for ROI of an organization is Invoice. You can make the possibility to be paid earlier, by preparing and issuing invoice correctly as crystal clear. Invoice format should be consistent and understandable at a look and should have a flexible report option. To have all requirements as well as faster, you can move on to e-invoicing, where all these constraints are automated and can be customized as your needs. Let’s see what information to be included in a business invoice.

1. Your Information :

It will be helpful to provide your contact information to the clients including,

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Should have an own distinct invoice structure, so that the clients could easily recognize it and can ask doubts regarding the invoice, if any.

2. Customer Information :

Provide the contact information along with name of the company to whom you want to raise. It is good to provide the details of the authorized person who deals with the invoices on clients’ concern. It will make your invoice to be considered.

3. Invoice Number :

Provide unique invoice number for individual invoices. Even if you need to duplicate any invoice, create it with a different invoice number, so that all invoices may be stay unique for your future reference. Also provide same sequence of number so that, you can easily sort the invoices (For example : 0001, 0045, 2000….).

4. Invoice Date & Due Date:

Provide the Date on which the invoice is created. And it will be good to provide the ‘Due Date’ in invoice, as it will intimate the clients to note this date. You can also provide the ‘Supply Date’ if you’d wish.

5. Product / Service details :

Provide a clear description for what you are invoicing for, line by line. The provided details should be descriptive, short and should not leave even tittle and should be understandable. State the quantity of products/service purchased (either item count or billable hours), cost per unit etc. This will be helpful for you to receive your payment promptly without any queries and delays.

6. Convey your message:

Providing the information such as when it was created, for whom, for what purpose, time intervals (For Example: from January,2015 to March,2015 or on 05/26/2015). This will clearly clarify the client’s doubts on the invoice, which will reduce confusing while invoicing.

7. Provide Discounts Details:

You can also include the discount details in invoice. Discount amount or percentages of discount, purpose of discount also have to be produced before them.

8. Taxes :

Any taxes / additional charges should be clearly itemized with the identification number. Tax should be levied on the total sum of the products/services.

9. Total Amount of invoice :

Provide the total amount of invoice in a unique, distinct, catchy format, so that they can recognize it clearly.

10. Amount from deposit :

In some organizations, there will be principle for deposited amount. It will be good to define, if such amount is imported for payment.

All these information can be accomplished automatically and easily without any risk or pain using Output Time Invoicing. Yes, you can easily customize your invoice layout and send your billable hours / products information details easily with help of Output Time.