Project Management

Stay on Top and get Organized

Organize your Projects easily

With Output Time you can effectively get the jobs done by your team by splitting the projects into multi tasks with time due, priorities, categories and etc. It will make an understandable workspace and help your team to understand their work clearly.

  • Split the jobs as multiple tasks
  • Create Private and Sub tasks
  • List the tasks
  • Assign the tasks with Priorities
project management
Control all Projects by Project Management

Take Control all your Projects

Output Time clears up the priorities and makes you control every one of your team through smooth collaboration. It fits all of your demands and provides all your project related details in your fingertip so you can control Simple and Complex projects easily from a single centralized location.

    The fully featured Dashboard gives you a panoramic view of your progress. At a glance you can know everything like:

  • Billable and non-Billable hours of Projects
  • Billable and non-Billable hours of Teams
  • Which tasks has been assigned to whom
  • Projects Progress
  • Projects alerts

Highly descriptive Gantt Chart

Output Time provides the extra-ordinary feature ‘GanntChart’ which provides you the progress of your project in a full picture that enables you to visualize your projects. It helps you to plan and re-schedule your projects effortlessly.

  • Drag and drop to change & re-schedule the tasks
  • Set dependencies between tasks easily
  • Get the tasks status easily
  • Avoid confusions through clear communication
Project Management GanttChart
Spend less time on Project Management

Spend less time on Management

Output Time handles the Tasks Dependencies in hierarchical method so you can let your team to finish important tasks first by assigning priorities. And Output Time provides the current progress of your Projects and Team up to date so you can spend less time on Management and focus on the Work more.

Instant Messenger

Induce better Collaboration among entire Team

The secured in-built instant messenger induces better collaboration among teams which results in to action to maximize your productivity. It also avoids miscommunication and assists you to:

  • Get task notifications and updates
  • Chat one-to-one as well as with entire team
  • Stay as focussed on your work
  • Make the workflow as explicit
instant message online collaboration tool

Time Management

Track the Time you spent on each action

One Click Start

Using Output Time, you can track your time just by a single click without efforts.

One Click Start for Time Tracking software
On-premises Time Tracker Multiple Views

Multiple Views

Output Time lets you to analyse your employees with multiple views and plan for the progress of your company.

  • Day View : Know what your employees are doing on a day
  • Week View : Be informed of your advancement with weekly analysis view
  • Calendar View : See your employee’s monthly hours and schedule him better

Time Sheets Approval

Easily view and approve your employee’s time-sheets in a fraction of seconds by using Output Time.

Time Sheets Approval
Effective Time Reporting

Effective Time Reporting

View how your company spreads its time over Projects and users. Helps you to plan for the new projects, assign tasks to the users and be informed about their works. Know who and which project is lagging.

  • Find the time spent by each staff as well as all on a Project
  • Find the total time spent on a single project as well as all level Projects
  • Create reports of logged entries between particular dates/weeks
  • Export the reports as CSV, Excel and PDF

Expenses Management

Track the expenses you spent on your Projects

Client based Expenses Tracking

Output Time helps you to track the Expenses based on each client to know exactly that which expenses spent for which client.

Client based Expenses Tracking
Expense Approvals

Expenses Approval

Output Time allows you to control your company’s total expenses by controlling the expenses of every employee.

Invoice Management

Charge your time by having it on invoices

Professional looking & Pain-free Invoice

The structured Invoicing method of Output Time allows you to customize it as you wish to make your own trade marking. Also makes your billing as pain-free.

Pain-free Invoice
Automatic Tax Calculation for Output Time

Automatic Tax calculation

Calculate invoice tax automatically and send online via Email then get paid faster using Output Time. And you can export the invoices as PDF and Excel.

Recurring Invoice

Output Time lets you to set the invoices at the beginning of the month, at the end of the month, or on a particular day of a week, or every particular date using the special feature ‘Recurring’ invoices.

Recurring Invoice

Reports Management

Get all details about your projects in a single place

Powerful and Flexible Reports

Output Time provides you the powerful and understandable reports as you desire, with filtering capabilities which can be exported.

Output Time Powerful Flexible Reports
Time Tracking Report

Time Tracking Report

Get all the hourly information grouping by projects, Clients, tasks and even date.

Report on Budgets

It is better to prevent, than to think of remedies. Be informed about your hours and amount, before getting into trouble.

Reports Budgets

Expenses Report

View the information of how much you approved, how much you left.

Report of Invoices

Have your invoiced information, Get idea of futher invoices.

Report Invoices