My Tasks lists all the tasks assigned to you either by the Project Managers / Team Leads or by you as a personal reminder as well as by other workers like Testers/Support guys.

To improve your focus on your own tasks and increase your productivity, Output Time offers you the page My Tasks.

My Tasks will be helpful for project managers, team leaders, developers, testers and all who wish to view and work on their assigned tasks every day with no delay.


Access My Tasks

To access My Tasks, Hover on the left menu ‘Tasks’ and Click on ‘My Tasks’.
Output Time My Tasks


My Tasks Options

Output Time My Tasks designed with the two options ‘Due Date’ and ‘Status’ to list your tasks instantly and informatively.


Output Time My Tasks Option


Due Date

By default, your tasks will be listed with Due Date option with following four columns.

  1. Over Due – Lists your tasks which crossed the Due Date
  2. Today – Lists your tasks to be done Today
  3. Tomorrow – Lists your tasks to be done on Tomorrow
  4. Later – Lists your tasks can be done on Later


Output Time My Tasks Due Date


Move Tasks to set Priority

You can move the tasks among the above Due Date columns based on your tasks Priorities and Project demands.

Steps to Move Tasks

  1. Hover the task name you want to move
  2. Drag and Drop the task and place it on the column you wish


Move Tasks in My Tasks


Tasks Auto Forwarding

Tasks will be forwarded automatically among Due Date columns, when it crossed the marked Due Date.

  • That is, the Tasks set with due date as Today but didn’t finish, will move to the column Over Due automatically at midnight of today.
  • The Tasks set with due date as Tomorrow will move to the column Today automatically at midnight of today.
  • The Tasks set as Later will move automatically to Tomorrow/Today column at midnight of the day on which the due date set.

Note: My Tasks – Due Date lets you to Prioritize your own tasks based on your Project needs. Hence, you can mark a task as Today by moving to the column Today, even its due date crossed before a month.



My Tasks – Status lists the tasks based on the following Task Statuses.

  1. Open – Lists the tasks assigned to you with the status as Open
  2. In Progress – Lists the tasks under the Progress
  3. Need Detail – Lists the tasks which need further detail to work on it
  4. Review – List the tasks those have been finished and waiting for your Assigner’s review
  5. Reassigned – Lists the tasks reassigned to you after the Assigner’s review
  6. Testing – List the tasks under Testing process
  7. Hold – List the tasks have been put on Hold
  8. Closed – Lists the tasks have been finished and closed.

Tasks Status columns can be ordered through Settings > Task Status.


Output Time My Tasks Status

Note: New Task Status also can be added through Settings > Task Status.


View Tasks Details

To view Task detail, click on the Task you want to view.

  • Once clicked, all details of that task including Task Name, Project Name, Estimated Hours, Actual Hours, Followers of the task and Activity Feed etc will display at Right Hand Side.
  • You can Start/Stop the Timer from there itself by clicking on the ‘Play/Pause’ icon respectively. Also you can add your Comments, if any.


Output Time My Tasks Task Detail


Add New Tasks

You can also add new Tasks through My Tasks by clicking the button icon-add available on the top right corner of the page by providing required details.


Add Tasks on My Tasks - Output Time


Plan and Start your day by reviewing My Tasks list which will surely increase your individual Productivity. Also improve your organization’s total productivity, when all employees follow it.