Collaborate instantly with real time Chat

In-built instant messenger to improve
your project communication

With integrated Instant Messenger

Get notified instantly on tasks updates, comments
and Chat with your colleagues in real time.

Notifications on Instant Messenger

The regular notifications you will get on Instant Messenger for the actions like a new task assigned,
tasks status get changed and comments added for the work.

Notice on New Task

When a new task from a project assigned to you through Output Time, you will get notified over Instant Messenger.

Instant Messenger - Output Time Newtask

Notice on Task Update

Once you started the work and updated the task status from ‘Open’ to ‘Progress’ or any other status on Output Time, your Team Lead / Project Manager will be notified on his Instant Messenger – Chat Window.

Instant Messenger - Output Time Task Update

Notice on Commentary

Furthermore, you will be noted on your Instant Messenger, just after your Team Lead / Project Manager added a comment for your work.

Output Time Comment

Profits of Team Collaboration

Instant Messenger strengthen the Team Collaboration which supports you to
Instant Messenger Communication

Establish Effectual Communication

Output messenger trust

Build Trust and Responsibility

Output Messenger Motivate

Motivate the Team

Profits of Team Collaboration

Maximize your Productivity in total

Improve real-time interactions & increase Productivity.


Step up to the next level Project Communication and Stay on Top!