5 Effective ways to Boost your Productivity

Tips to boost your Productivity

“Productivity and Reputation are the double fold approvals of the business’s efforts. However, the Productivity and Reputation won’t reach our expectations anytime.” – Do you believe this?

If yes, it is not correct. We can achieve our Business Goals with Continuous Planning and Persistent Efforts.

Productivity is never an accident.
 Its always the result of a commitment to excellence,
 intelligent planning and focused effort - Paul Meyer.

We can see here few ways to Boost the Productivity.

1. Analyze Everyday Activities

Time is the investment, we all should use it very carefully. Yes, analyzing our daily activities with respect to time for a week will save our time more. We all will have some common tasks to do or a same nature of task to be established daily. We can reduce the time to be spent on such tasks, which will provide us the time to accomplish other new tasks.

2. Plan, Schedule To-Do

What you do Today can improve all your Tomorrows.

On knowing the daily activities and the task to be done, we can come into conclusion, where we waste our treasure-time. With this, we can plan our tasks and schedule them with its priority, according to the date of delivery. Planning will help to estimate the correct delivery date. Scheduling will keep us aligned and organized with our tasks.

Every day, we should plan and schedule the tasks before starting them, which will help us to explore our ability as well as improve the performance.

3. Avoid Multiple Tasking

Jack of all trades, Master of none.

Though it seem that we are going to finish more tasks with multi tasking, it indirectly consumes more time that sequential manner.

The saved time using multitasking, is used to fix the problems or issues in tasks, which is done using multitasking. It might disturb our attention by dividing our concentration and energy. Thus leads to the low impact on productivity by lowering our performance and creativity. It’s a scientific fact, that our mind will work on its best when it focuses on single train of thoughts.

4. Eliminate Distractions

Distraction plays the major part that has to be considered in any firm. Disturbance will occur everywhere in work places. We should take steps to minimize the effects of disturbance.

To make the employees get concentrated at work, we can use Pomodoro technique. Using this technique, we can fix a target to work for 25 minutes and can take rest for remaining 5 minutes in half an hour. This will increase the work interest and speed. Also helps us to eliminate distractions.

5. Set Deadlines

Time is more than money. As like financial budgeting, setting limits and budgeting the time for all task will help to accomplish the task faster.

Yes, Our 20% effort to set deadline for every task will provide us 80% result easily. Not only setting deadline, we should also learn how to walk on it. Having a deadline is a great motivation for us to march towards increased reputation and productivity.

For setting deadlines with To-do list, we would like to recommended you the project management app Output Time. It is the right collaboration tool that will surely help you to live on your goals and increase the productivity.